The British Do Indie Pop Best – Saint Raymond – ‘Young Blood’ EP (Review)

For fans of bands like Fun. and Grouplove who like the kind of music that can put a relaxing smile on your face or be enjoyed in a group setting, Young Blood EP should be on their wish list. The four-track EP by Saint Raymond fits snuggly into the Indie-punk scene that has grown tremendously in the past year. Using some gang vocals, some well-timed claps and some bells and whistles that give the songs a beach vibe, the songs definitely elicit a certain emotion: happiness.

The EP celebrates youth, something to which everyone can relate, and overall, the simplicity of the EP makes it really wonderful. The lyrics and vocals carry the album and stand out quite nicely, they create a soothing atmosphere… not to mention the British accent adds a sweetness to the songs. If the EP represented a scene in a movie, it’d be a scene at sunset at the start of a bonfire party in a coming of age film. Young Blood deserves a listen and would be a wonderful addition to any playlist for driving or having a few friends over.


Release date: January 21, 2014


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Review by Alice Carson