Still The Sky’s Limit Debut Brand New Single and Lyric Video “Lo Hice A Proposito” (Exclusive)

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Still The Sky’s Limit premiere today their brand new single, “Lo Hice A Proposito,” which in English means “I did it on purpose.” We’re exclusively debuting the single and lyric video, check it out below along with an explanation of the song from the band.


This song is something I wrote following a holiday party I went to with a girlfriend years ago. The party was held at her parents’ house, we arrived a bit late, and all of her family’s friends were there, including some business partners of both her and her brother. One of those business partners was a girl who seemed to feel like she was in direct competition with my girlfriend in all aspects of life. During the course of the party, this girl, we’ll call her “C”, attempted to be very sly and move in on me. She played the “we’re all friends here” card and kept making conversation with me and my girlfriend of the time. Then, when my girlfriend went to speak to a few other friends and I made my way to the kitchen for some appetizers the girl made her boldest move. She cornered me in the kitchen; mind you I hardly knew C at all and while I kept it cordial, I made it clear she was going to lose that battle. Eventually, when my girlfriend and me made our move to leave the party, C made a final attempt at a very lingering, suggestive hug. This party was the catalyst for the song, although C tried similar moves at different parties and events throughout the relationship that my girlfriend and me shared; all of which were extremely transparent and my girlfriend and me would chuckle about the attempts after each subsequent try. As this girl is of Latin descent, I chose to title the song “Lo Hice a Proposito”…which translated from Spanish to English is “I did it on purpose”.”

– Johnny


To further promote their new single, Still The Sky’s Limit are gearing up to head out on a full US tour this February.

Dates are subject to change: 

2/03 – The Red Room, Spokane, WA

2/04 – Carrs Corner, Spokane, WA

2/06 – The Black Sheep, Colorado Springs, CO

2/08 – Vega, Lincoln, NE

2/09 – Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines, IA

2/10 – Record Bars, Kansas City, MO

2/11 – Cicero’s, St. Louis, MO

2/13 – The Irving Theatre, Indianapolis, IN

2/14 – The Thompson House, Newport, KY

2/18 – Forvm, Amherst, NY

2/22 – Don’t Tread on Me House, Philadelphia, PA

2/24 – New Brookland Tavern, Columbia, SC

2/28 – Backbooth, Orlando, FL

3/02 – Brass Mug, Tampa, FL

3/04 – Display, Gainesville, FL

3/09 – The Hawg Shop, Houston, TX


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