Scent Of Remains – ‘Under A Blackened Sky’ (Review)


Knoxville, TN based groove metal outfit, Scent of Remains, recently released their second full-length album, Under a Blackened Sky, which will leave listeners revved up in self-revelation, and possibly inspired to smash random objects in their vicinity. The album opens with a message rallying listeners to “take back the one thing that is truly yours, your mind,” sparking a fire that burns through the entirety of the album. Single “From Ash We Rise” and “Hold You Under” boast catchy choruses that showcase vocalist Michael Yates’ impressive contrast of shrill highs and murderous growls, while “Wakefield” offers a somber, melodic break in the album with soulful, clean vocals declaring “I can’t live this life alone.” With hammering drums and filthy mean guitar riffs throughout, this album is sure to melt some faces.


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Review by Jen Schwartz