One Song, Three Ways: NightBus Introduces ‘3 Way Stereo Technology’

Buckle Up! NightBus is about to take you on the ride of your life. NightBus, an exhilarating new band featuring Los Angeles musician Jack Kennedy and British vocalist Hannah Melbourne, redefine the conventional way of listening to music on their debut single and EP, both titled “When The Night Time Comes”. With their feel good hooks and glittering looks this retro-pop band is today’s modern day B-52’s who add a refreshing take on today’s dance music.


Come January 14th, NightBus will release their infectious, anthemic and addictive debut single, “When The Night Time Comes” on iTunes. The track, which was recorded in a groundbreaking and unique sonic experience – three infectious singles in one – creates an innovative way to hear a song taking note of the way two friends in today’s pop culture listen to music by sharing one set of earbuds.


The left and right tracks are 100% sonically different. When you listen on the left, you hear the song sung by Hannah backed by an electronic dance pop track; on the right, it’s Jack’s pop-rock version of the same song – not even the beat is the same. Yet, when you listen to both sides in conventional stereo, the songs mesh into another completely different, yet cohesive, song. Hence the name Stereo 3-Way showcasing three distinct ways of hearing the track: Jack’s version, Hannah’s version, and stereo version.


The single’s release marks the first taste of new material from the band and will be featured on the band’s forthcoming EP also titled “When The Night Time Comes” available January 14th on iTunes. The EP will feature the band’s three distinct versions of the single recorded in stereo 3-way; Jack’s version, Hannah’s version, followed by the full stereo version.


“When The Night Time Comes” EP Tracklist:

1.  When The Night Time Comes (Stereo 3-Way)

2.  When The Night Time Comes (Hannah’s Version)

3.  When The Night Time Comes (Jack’s Version)

4.  Across The Sea

5.  Twofer


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