North America, Are You Ready for the We Butter The Bread With Butter Invasion? They Hope You Are! (Interview)


They may have the oddest name you’ve heard in the past few years, but Germany’s favorite deathcore band are returning to the US they really can’t wait. As Substream picks the brain of guitarist Marcel Neumann, he indulges us on everything from their last time in the States to performing a massive German-buttkicker. Yeah, you read right.


Substream Magazine: You’re due to head out on your North American tour next month, you guys excited?

Marcel Neumann: Yes, we are really excited! The last time in the States was amazing. We celebrated the release of our third record [Goldkinder] and met a lot of nice people and friends. This time we are going to many more cities and can’t wait to bring our best show ever, with new songs!


SM: Looking at various social sites, fans seem to be very pumped about your arrival. Did you expect such support from the other side of the world?

MN: We weren’t expecting anything and are very thankful for everybody that is supporting us and who has been coming to the shows. It’s great to be far away and to get the same hospitality like at home. It’s a really overwhelming feeling for all of us, that our music reached different countries, although we sing in our German mother-tongue!


SM: Coming from Germany, do you feel you have to approach your North American fans differently, whether that be different banter, attitude, etc.?

MN: Not really, but it’s still a strange feeling from our perspective! The North American audience really appreciates the years of work we put behind the band and that just gives us a very good feeling, on and off stage. The most exciting thing is to hear them sing in German, louder than anywhere else.


SM: You’re also hitting the South By So What festival, how are you preparing to play in front of a mixture of both fans and intrigued newbies?

MN: We love it this way! Playing in front of an unprejudiced audience is always a challenge. We can slip more into a certain role and come up with ideas and if you are motivated, you can get some extra energy from a mixed audience. The South By So What Festival will be our first festival in the United States and we are really excited to play there and to see other great bands.


SM: For those who may not have heard of WBTBWB before, why should they check you out at SBSW?

MN: We grew up in very small cities around or in Berlin/Germany and our music includes different influences. We like playing with our cultural aspects, and bringing those inspirations into our new music makes it very special to us. We are different, (not just saying, we are!) and hope to get the people’s curiosity, to check us out and to make an opinion.


SM: Are there any other bands you’re hoping to catch while at the festival?

MN: We don’t listen to that many metal bands, but there are great bands like Bring Me The Horizon or Asking Alexandria. We are really looking forward to seeing again!


SM: How are you guys preparing to stay motivated on such a long tour, so far away from home?

MN: It’s not always easy. I would say we are quite emotional and our families mean the world to us. But all our fans and friends on tour become like your second family and this keeps you motivated. Besides that, music is everything to us and playing your own music so far from home is a gift and an honor.


SM: Your third studio album, Goldkinder received its official release while you were in America last time; it was also mixed by Stefan Glaumann – who’s worked with many notable metal bands. How was it working with him on this album?

MN: It was just perfect! He immediately got the idea of our sound and even the first test-mix was fantastic. Working with him was great and the right step for a band that composes and records everything on their own and at home!


SM: Are there any other artists/outside collaborations (mixers, producers, etc.) you would like to work with on future releases?

MN: Of course! A German-US-feature with Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park, Korn and Slipknot would be nice! We focus a lot on producing on our own and really want our fans to get 100% of our work, without a producer or a label changing your idea!


SM: What would you say is the ongoing theme throughout Goldkinder, if there is one?

MN: It mainly revolves around our experiences of the last years as a band. With all our dreams and perspectives, our growing up, about success and disappointment, but also the joy and fun that was offered to us, which we are so thankful for.


SM: As an album, what inspired the lyrical content of the album?

MN: Lyrically, we often capture our thoughts in a changing and evolving protagonist, who comes to life in dark, but sometimes bright fairytales. The German tongue is pretty diversified, but also extremely straight, which makes it interesting but hard to play with. From my point of view, the phonetic of our language is an instrument on its own and supports the heaviness of our new record.


SM: Are there any specific tracks you’re eager to perform live and why?

MN: On our setlist are some surprises. We are really looking forward to:

“Pyroman & Astronaut” – It’s extremely heavy and straight! It’s the perfect concert opener to get everyone into our atmosphere!

“Ohne Herz” – With beautiful melodies and great emotions!

“Alles Was Ich Will” – Massive German Power-Buttkicker!

“Psycho” – A dark heavy Grooveness-song!


SM: Before your touring stint, you’ve had praise from various sites and magazines within the US. How do you feel gaining such support away from home?

MN: It’s a great honour for us and it feels really, really good. It’s essential for us to reach the people with our music and that’s what it’s all about and why we are doing this for years, restlessly!


SM: Have you started work on a follow-up to Goldkinder or any new material? If so, could you tell Substream about it at all?

MN: We got tons of finished songs that did not make it on the record. We just never stop composing and testing, even on tour. The new material has a Goldkinder-touch, but will be straighter and heavier!


SM: Are there any places you wish to play in the future, that you may of not had the chance yet?

MN: In the outer space, haha! But first Asia, Mexico and South-America, Australia …


SM: When the American tour is over, what has the rest of 2014 got in-store for WBTBWB?

MN: Restlessly going on! Making new music, new videos and touring like always!


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We Butter The Bread With Butter 2014 North American tour dates: 

2/12 New York, NY @ Studio at Webster

2/13 Worcester, MA @ The Palladium

2/14 Montreal, QC @ Underworld

2/15 Toronto, ON @ Hard Luck

2/16 Detroit, MI @ Shelter

2/17 Cleveland, OH @ Agora

2/19 Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen

2/20 Minneapolis, MN @ Nether Bar

2/21 Iowa City, IA @ Blue Moose

2/22 St. Louis, MO @ Fubar

2/24 Lawrence, KS @ Granada

2/25 Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre

2/26 Salt Lake City, UT @ In The Venue

2/28 Seattle, WA @ Corazon Lounge

3/01 Portland, OR @ Branxx

3/02 Sacramento, CA @ Assembly

3/05 Los Angeles, CA @ Whisky

3/06 San Diego, CA @ Soma Sidestage

3/07 Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction

3/08 Phoenix, AZ @ Mesa

3/09 Albuqerque, NM @ Launchpad

3/11 San Antonio, TX @ White Rabbit

3/15 Grand Prairie, TX @ Quiktrip Park (South By So What?!)

3/18 Jacksonville, FL @ Jack Rabbits

3/19 Orlando, FL @ Backbooth

3/20 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade

3/21 Charlotte, NC @ Casbah

3/22 Springfield, VA @ Empire

3/23 Philadelphia, PA @ The Note


Interview by Nicole Tiernan