New Beat Fund Became Gooder People in ’13 – Bringing Gooder Music in ’14 (Interview)

The guys in New Beat Fund have jumped into the music scene in a dramatic way. Touring most of 2013, they refer to themselves as entertainers who just want to have fun. From the crazy ways they respond to their fans on Twitter to making a Snapchat to keep fans updated on what’s going on, it’s not hard to see why the Californians are gaining fans on a daily basis.


Substream Magazine: When looking at your social networks, you guys type in a strange way that you call fundamentals, what made you guys decide to start typing that way?

New Beat Fund: It kind of just happened one day and we liked the way it looked. For us it was more of doing things differently; if you scroll down your Twitter feed most people use normal text, we wanted something that when people scroll down their feed it pops out at them. We just wanted it to be our own language and to have fun with it, really.


SM: You guys posted a bunch of video spoofs on Instagram to help promote your video for Scare Me, what made you guys choose to do that versus something more traditional?

NBF: We just wanted to have fun with promoting our video, really.  Hopefully it got the video more attention. We were on tour at the time so we were picking up new fans daily, we just wanted them to see our personality and what we’re all about. We’re musicians and we’re entertainers. People have really enjoyed it, people still do. We still get comments on our videos.


SM: The video for “Scare Me” seemed like it was a lot of fun to shoot, what was the process of that?

NBF: Well the party idea was actually a secondary idea. We basically shot it all in two days; the big party was at the end of the shoot, kind of like a celebration. That was basically the concept, and being that the video was called “Scare Me” we thought it would be really nice to incorporate a ghost friend that we found at the boardwalk. So we were like “Hey that seems like a good route for this video!” and so it’s pretty much based on our adventures with our good friend named Ghostie, who is in fact a real spirit and or was a person.


SM: During 2013 you guys toured with the Journey’s Noise tour, Vans Warped Tour, played Riotfest and opened for Blink 182. How do you think these experiences have impacted you all as a band?

NBF: I would say positively, it made us into gooder people. I think it made our band gooder, our friendships are gooder and we made gooder friendships with bands. It made us gooder musicians too. We also got to see some really gooder places across the United States, including very gooder cities. We gained more fans too. We’re going to take all of that and apply it in this habitat we call a studio and make new music. Gooder should be a word.


SM: It’s been said that fans can expect a new album in summer of 2014, can you confirm or deny this?

NBF: Ideally yes, the music is still in the making so we won’t know the full sound until around the end of January. It’ll be the sound of growth. We’ve grown quite a bit. We’ve been touring for the past five months so we’ve got a lot of new inspirations, ideas, and perspectives. We think it will be a reflection of that and what we’ve already done. /  /

Interview by Erin Stevens