Neurotic November – ‘Anunnaki’ (Review)


After the first several tracks of Neurotic November’s debut album, Anunnaki, it’s obvious that the band is comprised of five teenagers who are hell bent on making a lasting impression in the metalcore scene.

Unfortunately, the impression being made here is that they are indeed a young band, with lyrics reveling purely in shock value and songs that seem to wash generically together, showing plenty of room for improvement with their respective instrumental components— apart from drummer, Paiste, as the drum tracking is actually the most impressive contribution throughout the 11 tracks.

Single “Nonchalant” appears to be driven by a social media post that pissed somebody off, which escalates to “You’re pathetic and no one loves you,” and then diverts to an irrelevant rap segment including the line “Asian legs in the air…about to bust a *** all in her butt.”

While this band is clearly not for everyone, I’m sure they will gain a following of younger audiences from Anunnaki, but with lyrics like “I hope you get AIDS” and the lack of a definitive sound to compromise, this is not the album that will take the metal scene by storm.


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Review by Jen Schwartz