‘Her’ – “Save Your Dollars and Save Two Hours of Your Life” (Review)


So, if you’ve seen the commercials for Her, you know a man falls in love with his operating system (what?), starts sharing every part of his life with it/her and becomes weirdly obsessed with his “girlfriend” who names itself/herself, simply, Samantha.

For two hours, Joaquin Phoenix’s character, Theodore Twombly, talks to Samantha (Scarlett Johansson), takes her on a double date (can it even be considered that with three people?), introduces her to the few people that seem to occupy his lonely life and then the movie ends.

Okay, I guess there’s a little bit more to the film than that…but not much at all.

Forty minutes in, I was bored. Found myself getting antsy and honestly, wanting to leave the theater but I held it out. An hour and a half in and I was asking myself, “Well, since there’s no story line, does something huge happen in the ending?”


Her is the 2013 Lars and the Real Girl and we all know how that ended.

And if you you’re not a part of my collective “we,” consider watching Lars and the Real Girl because it is WAY more entertaining and funny than Her which is basically just depressing.

So, the two hours is up and Theodore finds himself with his co-worker Amy (Amy Adams) who, too, has found herself without the OS she loved and lost.


This movie sucks so bad.

Save your dollars and save two hours of your life.


Written by Drew Elizabeth Wille