Faced With Adversity, Bayside Continues To Thrive – Throwback

Originally published in Issue #12

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Article by Lucinda Albers

There are some bands in the industry that have been around for years and been highly successful but never really have pierced the megastar/celebrity status. Example: Bayside.

Bayside, which currently consists of Anthony Raneri (vocals/guitar), Chris Guglielmo (drums), Jack O’Shea (guitar) and Nick Ghanbarian (bass), originally formed in the Winter of 2000 in New York. Since then, they’ve released two albums on Dying Wish Records and six albums with Victory Records. Their most recent release, Shudder, is definitely a more fast-paced, punk inspired album, improving on their already perfected sound. While the band didn’t completely stray from their alternative rock sound, Ghanbarian says that Shudder is definitely reminiscent of Bayside’s energetic live shows.

“We put out albums and people listen to them and just have fun,” said Ghanbarian. “Whenever we’re in the studio, it’s always stressful and there’s a time crunch and we didn’t want that so we went out to sunny California and it was awesome. We had all the right factors to no worry about anything and just record. It was such a breath of fresh air. We took a lot of influences from the early-to-mid 90s punk and just kept our minds fresh.”

Since Shudder was released, Bayside has been touring to support the album, including a few dates in the UK in December. Once they got back to the States, they went straight into the studio to record a cover of R&B sensation Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls” for the next Punk Goes Pop album, available in March. As you can tell, the guys are no strangers to a busy life. They’ve found a way to continue their success for over eight years, but it certainly hasn’t come without sacrifice.

In Fall 2005, the band suffered the loss of then drummer John “Beatz” Holohan in a car accident while traveling through Colorado. Ghanbarian was also seriously injured, and after a few weeks, Raneri and O’Shea returned to the road playing acoustic sets. The tragic loss and trying times forced the band members to grow up personally as well as musically.

“We were all young and trying to make our way in the world,” says Ghanbarian. “[The accident] opened our eyes to how unforgiving the world can be, but we can either dwell on things or grow from them. It’s sort of our responsibility to show people they have to make it through the bad things and use friends and family and music to help them.”

The lyrics have only gotten stronger in Bayside’s songs (take a couple lines from “The Walking Wounded”: “Scared, paired walking soldiers/We’re all wounded anyway/in our respective ways”), as well as the musicianship itself. Through hard times and amazing feats, Bayside is one of the few bands that has made it through and is still going just as strong as ever. I can’t wait to see where the road take this band, and hopefully they’ll never lose the ambition and passion they have now.