Cattle Decapitation – Los Angeles, CA at Los Globos (Review)

Currently following up the release of Monolith of Inhumanity, the band’s most prolific and intense album to date; death grinders CATTLE DECAPITATION incite crowds early on by polishing off their weekend playing a few close-to-home dates of the EYEHATEGOD tour. Substream made its way to Sunset Boulevard to catch the brutal metal action at Los Globos before the band returns to the studio to continue writing their next monsterpiece. The crowded venue was dank with the peppery musk of leather as the night began to take shape. Openers STRONG INTENTION and OBLITERATIONS served perfect appetizers for the eyes and ears with a mosh-worthy mix of brutal thrash and grinding hardcore punk. After receiving the sudden and disappointing word that LA based grindcore act NAUSEA were unable to make the show, Metal Blade’s CATTLE DECAPITATION took the stage a bit earlier and without hesitation- proceeded to rip everyone in the room to shreds.



From the leading single to the set list finale, “Kingdom of Tyrants,” it was clear that, for as good as Monolith of Inhumanity is as an album (and it’s really really good), CATTLE DECAPITATION songs are absolutely meant for the live setting. Moshpit eruptors like “Dead Set on Suicide” and the infamous “Forced Gender Reassignment Surgery” are taken to unprecedented heights when Travis Ryan is right in your face branding the words into your brain and curdling your blood on the spot. Like a true beast overpowering it’s prey, the CATTLE set was an onslaught of calculated rage, dragging the masses by the throat through the misanthropic grind-scope of an inhumane world. The unshakable doomshred of NOLA’s EYEHATEGOD exuded onstage dominance, asphyxiating imposters with an auditory maelstrom of abrasive sludge. As gruesome as they are gripping, EYEHATEGOD culminated an excellently composed evening of extreme metal with a dismal display of aggression. The “25 Years of Dysfunctional Family Abuse” tour will take grind to the land down under with several Australian dates before returning to North America. CATTLE DECAPITATION as mentioned earlier will leave the remaining dates to head back into the studio where they will wrap up their eighth release, expected in 2015.




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Review by Ebony Jeanette

Photos by Vince Edwards