The Rocket Summer’s ‘Christmas Madness’ EP Out December 3 + Announces 2 Holiday Shows

Here’s a message from the man, Bryce, himself!

Hey guys,

I hope you are well. I wanted to let you know that for the first time ever, a special Rocket Summer Christmas EP will be coming out on December 3rd. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you will know that on Nov 6 I woke up and decided to write, record and perform a Christmas ep from scratch, document it along the way and release it within just a couple of weeks.  “Christmas Madness” is the result.  The EP consists of three original songs and a classic Christmas cover.  In addition to the last minute madness of the special Christmas rock EP, I decided we needed to put together a couple last minute, special Christmas rock shows. So on Dec 18th in ANAHEIM, CA , and on Dec 20th in DALLAS, TX my band and I will be performing songs from the Christmas Madness EP along with a full set of TRS songs… and maybe some festive surprises along the way.

Hope to see some of you at these shows and that you enjoy the Christmas Madness EP. Biggest of thanks for all of your support and for being a part of this thing.