The Glamour Kills Tour 2013 Tops “Best Tours Of The Season Lists” – Live Review & Interview Feat. Man Overboard

Year end lists are stacking up this year and if anyone decides to make a “best tours of the season list,” The Glamour Kills Tour most definitely deserves a well placed spot! No matter which musical genre you hold steadfast as your ear candy of choice, any feelings of apprehension toward pop punk were immediately replaced with excitement upon checking out the 4th annual Glamour Kills Tour with Mayday Parade, Man Overboard, Cartel and Stages & Stereos.

Opening the show on an upbeat, catchy note, Stages and Stereos welcomed us to the party with crowds still coagulating by the front door awaiting their wrist stamps and chances to muscle through the mosh and get closer to the stage. There was an infectious nature in the air around the time Cartel came on, and the Slim’s crowd was unstoppable from the first pound of the kick drum with (polite) push moshing and warped style air jumping. The ascension of excitement grew into an almost furious roar as NJ pop punks MAN OVERBOARD emerged. The mark of a true scene staple; the entire room swelled with bodies as girls and guys alike pressed hard against each other forcing their way to the front (or as close as possible).

“This tour has been amazing! Unfortunately, Man Overboard will not be on the last date of the GK tour because we have to fly to Australia for their Warped Tour but we’ve really had a great time on the road with these bands!” shares [Man Overboard] front-man Zac Eisenstein.

Man Overboard’s latest Rise Records/Lost Tape Collective LP, Heart Attack, debuted at #46 on the Billboard Top 200 this past spring. Featuring a few songs from the new album, the Man O set list, which was revealed by Pup Fresh before the tour started; was a perfect mix of old and new, S.A.D. and sunshiny, and they couldn’t have closed the set with a better song than “Love Your Friends, Die Laughing.”

“Our set list hasn’t changed too much this tour. Sometimes things happen that are out of your control at the show where you have to cut or add a song but usually we try to keep it as consistent as possible. We normally play the same set the whole tour, then after the tour we’ll hang out a bit and have band practice for the next tour where we create a different set list and practice that for the next tour,” says Einstein.

Creative consistency definitely works in this band’s favor and it permeated their live set. Stage divers, headbangers, moshers, and even the cool kids who stood there holding onto their girlfriends the whole time began flailing their arms in the air screaming wildly with cheers at the final song’s end. Man Overboard’s lead up to the megahit-making headliner Mayday Parade was perfect. Mayday Parade proceeded to mesmerize the audience, closing a spectacular night with an encore that brought a few front-rowers to tears.

“Rare,” the name of the first Man Overboard song off the self-titled album is exactly the way you can describe the feeling of the performances and the tour package as a whole. You won’t find anything comparable on the current live circuit. North America will just have to wait while both Mayday Parade and Man Overboard rock out the UK on the “Monsters Overseas” tour. In the meantime get your hands on Heart Attack from Man Overboard and Monsters In The Closet from Mayday Parade.


The Glamour Kills Tour 2013

November 11, 2013

San Francisco, CA


Live review & interview by: Ebony Jeanette