Kelsey Chaos Challenges You to Push Yourself to the Max in 2014

2013 was by far the best, worst, hardest, most rewarding, scariest, wildest, saddest and without a doubt the most wonderful year of my life so far. Without going into all of the details, my 24th year on planet Earth was the year I became absolutely fearless. It may seem petty (especially when everyday the national news displays some tragedy and I, by no means, saw the worst of it) but this year was kind of a tough one for me. I lost important relationships, made a couple moronic career blunders, ended projects, fell out of love, sacrificed my sanity one too many times and so on and so forth. By the same token, this year was cosmically incredible. I made a ton of new friends/business associates, worked my ass off, gained my independence, advanced my career, started new awesome ventures and thoroughly experienced more than most have the opportunity to in a lifetime. Throughly bittersweet. If life is an ocean, then sometimes you ride the wave, sometimes the wave rides you and sometimes you are the wave. Oh, it is what it is, isn’t it? Regardless of your position in the ocean, I would posit we are merely a tiny speck of something much larger than we are aware. So, the day to day up and downs are part of the bigger picture, I assume.

Although I just poured out the contents my silly heart in that last paragraph, I’m not one to wear my heart on my sleeve. I’ve always considered myself somewhat of a cool and collected emotional robot. I very much like to live my life in “the real world” i.e. with my feet firmly planted on the ground of reality. Even though, living in a mindless fantasy world is much, much, much more fun. You know, the world where the sum of every late night, tipsy bad decision you make works out impeccably to your advantage? The one where you can get away with “murder?” The one where you can live recklessly without consequence? This year I tried it all. Some worked and some didn’t but I learned a hell of a lot of great stuff and had a blast doing it. That said, it all adds up to this: I have an incredible musical project coming in the New Year. This music is my best creation to date and something that I am profoundly proud of and eager to share with the world. *HAPPY TWERK DANCE*

However, I will digress (and keep it pithy) because my blog is supposed to be “advice driven” and MUSIC based. So, back to you, dear readers. For 2014, I sincerely wish that all of you will dig very deeply to find the brilliance inside of you. Even if it hurts and is a severe pain in the ass. Even if it throws you with reckless abandon out of your comfort zone. Keep your freaking sh*t together, make the best decisions you can (especially when you have one too many drinks), push yourself to the max, push the envelope, say what you’re dying to say, have ridiculous amounts of fun, work harder, play harder, live harder, love harder and pursue the life you just cannot bear live without. Find what you love and let it kill you. (Softly of course). Cheers to 2014, my friends!


Werd to ur mother,

Kelsey Chaos


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