Eskimo Cowboy Debuts Music Video For Title Track Off ‘We Are The Mess’ LP – To Be Released January 14

“We Are The Mess”, the latest single from German electro metal rockers Eskimo Callboy made an impressive debut this week, landing at #18 on the U.S. iTunes metal chart, while also dominating Germany’s iTunes metal chart, where they came in at #1. The track will appear on the band’s forthcoming LP “We Are The Mess” which will be released in the States on January 14, 2014 via Germany’s Redfield Records.


Already a major force in the European metal scene, Eskimo Callboy first came to the attention of the American music scene via their debut release via Earache Records. The band most recently toured the U.S. on the Fight To Unite Tour 2013 with Kottonmouth Kings, Deuce and more.


While the six members of Eskimo Callboy have been actively involved in music for over 10 years, the band as a unit formed in 2010 when they set out to create what they describe as, “danceable porn-metal,with a pinch of psychedelic glam rock.“ Their intent was to polarize listeners and get people talking. The plan worked, as in the past three years Eskimo Callboy has gone on to release a successful EP and LP and has toured the world, converting skeptics into fans with each performance.


In speaking of the songs that make up the new LP, co-frontman Sushi explains, “The new album is harder and at the same time it has become more pop, though it remains connected to the previous style, so that we can say that we have remained faithful to ourselves. Behind every song lies a true story. However, no one should take the lyrics too seriously, because they involve a lot of sarcasm. They are about parties, sex, booze experiences and interpersonal relationships.”


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