Cooking At 65 MPH Episode 1: Michael Jagmin (A Skylit Drive) – Beef & Broccoli


Our friends from Digital Tour Bus┬ájust started a new series called ‘Cooking At 65 MPH,’ which features touring musicians sharing their favorite recipes from the road. We bring you the first episode of the series featuring Michael Jagmin from A Skylit Drive’s ‘Beef & Broccoli’ recipe.

Joshua Weidling from DTB gave us a little insight about the series.

“When developing the concept for Cooking at 65 MPH, I wanted throw everything people know about cooking shows out the window and in DTB fashion, put a touring spin on it! My goal is not only for the show to be fun and informative, but to show that the road isn’t as glamorous as some may think. When you’ve never toured before, you take having a kitchen and traditional appliances for granted.”

‘Cooking AT 65 MPH’ takes cooking shows to a whole new level. It gives us the opportunity to see our favorite musicians from a different perspective, along with getting a behind-the-scenes look at their every day touring lives.

“I actually started developing the concept after I first worked with Jag (of A Skylit Drive) for a Bus Invaders video shoot in December of 2012. So, naturally I went to him first when I was ready to start filming for the series,” says Weidling about how he decided to go with Michael Jagmin for his first episode.