Circa Survive Talk New Album And Atlantic Records Signing – Throwback

Orginally published in Issue #20
Interview by Todd
Photo by Roberto Chamorro

After forming in 2004, Circa Survive has continued to become on of the most acclaimed experimental-indie bands of the 21st century. The Philadelphia band released their third album, Blue Sky Noise, on April 20, almost three years since On Letting Go exploded them onto the scene.

Yet with all this attention, members of Circa Survive have created one of the most entertaining works of art to date. I was able to conduct a phone interview with founding member and guitarist Colin Frangicetto about the new album and their summer plans.

Substream Music Press: What was the transition like going from Equal Vision to Atlantic?

Colin Frangicetto: It’s weird you know, it seems like it would be a much bigger transition than it is. They appreciated our music and wanted us to stay true to our sound. Only real difference is more people promoting us and getting to play shows in Europe.

SMP: Why Atlantic Records? Was the decision difficult to make?

CF: It was hard just like any business decision. It took us awhile at first, but it became easy once we met people who were passionate about our sound.

SMP: When did the writing begin for Blue Sky Noise?

CF: In October of 2008 we rented a house on a creek. We didn’t  live together for the first time while recording; it was a neutral meeting place with a lot of creativity.

SMP: What was the inspiration for the lyrics on the new album?

CF: The lyrics come from personal experiences and true events; Anthony draws a lot from it. There is a sense of mystery to it, which is one of the best things about his writing; it’s so adaptable and you can take multiple meanings from it.

SMP: I always enjoy the cover art,. This one is very interesting, what is the meaning behind it?

CF: It makes me feel a million things when I look at it, really makes me reflect on the record you know? It’s like the beast is consuming him, but his mouth is also like a halo. King of like saying what is your blessing can also be a curse. There are so many interpretations of it, I love the art.

SMP: What do you say to some of the fans or critics who think you guys will “sell-out” or lose your “edge” because of the major label signing?

CF: It’s hard to say anything; people can think what they want. We’ve turned down plenty of offers to people we felt would change us. If 1 out of 100 say we sold out that’s fine, anyone who says that didn’t listen to the record through or is blinded by the major label name.

SMP: There have been good reviews around Blue Sky Noise, what does that mean to you guys?

CF: It’s awesome and is a great feeling. It’s weird though, half of us stay away from the reviews even if they’re positive. I, however, enjoy criticism and people who know how to critique something constructively (laughs).

SMP: Why was “Get Out” chosen as the first single?

CF: The first song was to be like a wake up call. It comes right out of the gate, you know? I think its one of Anthony’s best songs and one of my favorites on the album, definitely a badass rock song.

SMP: After the dates with Coheed & Cambria and performing at Bonnaroo, what’s next for Circa Survive during the rest of summer?

CF: Hopefully we’ll have more festivals lined up. Otherwise we’ll probably do a headlining tour.

SMP: Anything you want to say to the fans?

CF: We are really grateful and love our fans, they’re the best. We just want to communicate our music and make people realize they are not alone. We want people to feel empowered and alive. Do whatever the fuck you want, you can be happy. That’s what we try to inject into our music.