Attila Wants Your Phone And You Get Swag!


With over 20 sold out shows in a row, a music video with more than 1.2 million YouTube views and the cockiest frontman in metal, no one can deny it, Attila is here to stay. “We have grown a lot as a band the past year and it shows,” says Attila vocalist Chris “Fronz” Fronzak.

Attila brings the party everywhere they go and their live show does not disappoint. “We like to party and have a good time and we don’t think music needs to be so serious ALL THE TIME.”

Serious or not, Attila is making waves on and off tour. In their most recent record, About That Life, Fronz, with his one of a kind rapping, calls out everyone from Christofer Drew, to Westboro Baptist Church. Attila is climbing the latter, stopping at nothing to let the world know they are not about that life. From social media posts to protests at Attila shows, Westboro Baptist Church makes it clear they do not approve of Attila or anything they’re about, but that’s just fuel to the fire for Fronz. “Fuck the Westboro Baptist Church. They are the biggest joke in America and even Christians hate them. I think they’re just one big money making scheme and I want to take them out of commission and I always get what I want.”

With the “About That Life” tour coming to an end, Fronz has plenty of other things that keep him busy away from the road. If Attila is the party in the back, then Stay Sick and 1-800BANDS are the businesses in the front. We’ve all been wondering why Fronz is buying cell phones and the reason is that Fronz is a business man and a hustler. “A friend reached out to me about a business opportunity and everybody benefits from it. I am able to give kids free merchandise from my clothing line, Stay Sick, as well as autographs and more! These people are sending me their old phones that they literally have no use for and I’m able to give them something awesome in return. It’s really a great service and everybody loves it. The feedback has been amazing.” 1-800 bands is a brand new platform that allows fans to trade in any outdated, broken, or unwanted cell phones, iPods and iPads in exchange for autographs, CDs, merch, tickets, Substream Magazine subscriptions, cash and more from their favorite bands. One great thing about this service is that ANY device in ANY condition qualifies for something. With new bands signing on daily and an official release in early 2014, 1-800bands is definitely something all fans of music should keep an eye on in the coming months.

For more information on 1-800bands and to keep up to date with Fronz and Attila you can follow them on Twitter (@1800bands  @fronz1lla).

By Josh Kassinger