The Story So Far Exclusive Interview

The Story So Far has traveled across the sea to Europe to tour more than a few times, but the most recent trip had a couple unexpected obstacles. Guitarist Will Levy recounts the first incident of their tour with Seahaven and Save Your Breath.

“We were playing the first day in England on the second floor of a club in South Hampton and got a song into the set and the owner of the club runs up and is like, ‘The floor is collapsing, you need to stop playing.’ We didn’t really know what to think ‘cause how often does a floor collapse? So we kind of sat there and thought about what the best way was to break the news to the kids and there was no cool way of doing it. We were like, ‘Yo, we have to relocate the show. The floor is collapsing.’ Everyone started freaking out, it was chaos.”

The band didn’t want to let the crowd down and did their best to make sure the show went on. With the help of some locals and some quick thinking on their tour manager’s part, the band was able to play a different venue that night.

“The room we played was really small, we got a couple hundred kids in and played at one in the morning. It was really fun but not everyone got in so we let anybody who bought tickets to that show get into the Kingston show, which is like a quick train ride away so people from the night before went to the next show,” Levy explained.

Things went smoothly for the next few weeks of tour until TSSF got to Ireland. Levy broke down the situation that unfolded.

“Everything was all cool, the show was done and everyone goes out to get kabobs in the middle of the night and some Polish dudes starting messing with them. They pushed them in the streets, they were really drunk and then a scruff happened. They just started punching Parker, they started punching Torf and then this huge like juggernaut guy came out of nowhere. Like some 6’4” 280 pound guy and they were like, ‘Dude, I thought this guy was gonna come help,’ but apparently he wasn’t. He just grabbed Torf and threw him. Everyone was a little spooked. They were okay though. They escaped. It was a rough night and then we were just like, ‘We need to fucking go. We’ve been here for too long.’ The next show in Dublin was really good though, it made up for it. It was a nice show to finish the tour.”

The events of this tour are in no way deterring the band from returning to Europe though. In fact, they’ve already booked their next European tour. “We’re going out with Every Time I Die and A Day To Remember. We’ve never done any support in Europe, we’ve always headlined. They’re gonna be 9,000 cap rooms.  We’re excited to tour with them. It’s cool that Every Time I Die is on it ‘cause that’s more of a band that we listen to. Not to say that I don’t like touring with bands that sound the same as us but its fun to do different things,” said Levy.

By Amanda Burd