TesseracT – “You May Never Be There Again…I Just Try To Take Every Single Show…And Make It The Most Memorable Show Possible” – Interview

In geometry, each of the four faces of the tesseract represent a different dimension but all are essential to its presence as one; much like the multifaceted dimensions of the UK progressive metal outfit TesseracT. Equipped with their latest album, Altered State, the band is currently selling out venues around the world. Before taking off to Europe to support Karnivool, bassist Amos Williams taps us into the concept and purpose behind Altered State and the official video for the single “Nocturne.”


Its uncommon to find a person that has the same vision as you and even more so wants to listen to your vision and Ben was exactly the person we needed for the video. He actually understood our vision and liked it!” begins Williams on the making of the music video.

“We hadn’t done a performance video in a while and didn’t just want a bunch of guys in a warehouse doing the same cookie cutter thing everyone else is doing. We really liked the idea of silhouettes and backlights and we just fired that at him (Ben). There’s nothing very deep about it, just a guy who wakes up in the dark, he starts to panic and then when he opens the door he realizes its dawn and everything is okay. And although the story in the video isn’t so deep, the album itself really goes beyond the surface.”

The highly acclaimed release of music video for “Nocturne” was quickly followed up with an intense tour schedule in continued support of the album.

We are headlining a festival in India where we will play for about 10,000 people, it’s going to be nuts! It’s completely sold out and I cannot wait! When we play in front of that many people my only goal is to leave each and every person with the same smile on their face that I have the whole time I’m playing. You may never be there again so I just try to take every single show no matter its size and make it the most memorable show possible.”

Memory making is exactly what TesseracT does in their live set and in the deliverance of their albums. Altered State is no exception as it is essentially toned down progressive metal, perfected. Complex rhythms create a reflective atmosphere with an emphasis on the introverted emotions of rock. In concept, Altered State clings to the Law Of Conservation which observes energy as transferable between the four states of matter, mind, reality and energy.

“It’s a very presentation based concept album. The idea of ‘Altered State’ came about when our A&R guy made it clear to us that the songs individually were great but NEEDED to be presented as one. To put it simply, the concept presentation at its core, is change. We’ve gone through quite a lot and we’ve been blessed in our findings though the changes we have encountered. The different elements are representing the different movements you go through in life – on the macro and on the micro scale. Think of the things you are part of but are not part of, like the universal scale, we are all part of that journey but we aren’t specifically that journey. The first movement sounds like an introduction, the last movement is very much an outro. In our live shows, we’d love to play the album in its entirety but time often doesn’t allow haha! So, we choose exactly what to start and end with in order to still carry out the presentation of the album.” 

With continued touring ahead, keep close watch as TesseracT unfold their visions upon us, opening our eyes and ears to higher dimensions of progressive music.


Interview by Ebony Jeanette