Syn City Cowboys Exclusive Interview

Syn City Cowboys
by Matthew Leimkuehler

Syn City Cowboys are a full-force wrecking ball ready to smash the world of rock n’ roll. The band have released a brand new, self-titled record full of flare worthy of Guns N’ Roses or Avenged Sevenfold. Syn City Cowboys guitarist C.C. Ellis talked to Substream about all of the sex, drugs and rock n’ roll you can find on the new record.

Substream Magazine: The new album dropped a while ago, how has reaction been?

C.C. Ellis: The reaction to the new album has been great thus far.  It was a big step for us and moved the band in a whole new direction and people really seem to dig it.

SM: After listening through, there are some super sexual tracks on this record. That’s pretty rock and roll. What kind of state of mind were you in when writing?

CCE: Yeah, haha. The main thing that we are trying to do is be real and have our music reflect that.  A look inside of the mind of a male in his early twenties is sometimes a sexual place. But, there are also deeper, more serious cuts on the record…because we feel those things too.  The record encompasses a myriad of emotions and they are real things we have felt.  Also, it’s f*ing rock n’ roll. We are lucky to have an outlet in which we can say and do exactly what we want and not be censored.

SM: To you guys–what makes this record stand out among your discography?

CCE: Before recording this record we took a look at the direction in which rock music had been moving and looked at what we had done in the past and decided that we were not going to follow trends or new fads and write a real rock n’ roll record.  We wrote songs about real things and real feelings.  We went to the Sonic Ranch in El Paso, TX and tracked the entire record to tape live.  No computer fixes, no auto-tune.  It seems that you turn on the radio nowadays and you hear the same overproduced songs over and over, with the same drum and guitar sounds.  When you hear the record that is exactly what you will hear at a live show of ours. This record is straight up rock n’ roll. No frills.

SM: You guys are without any type of label backing right now. How does the work load spread out between the band? You seem to be making a lot of moves without the label.

CCE: Everyone in the band does their part and their role in the band will change depending on what needs to be done.  Sometimes your only job is to practice your instrument and get better.  Or maybe we all need to get out and pass out flyers, or sell tickets.  We all work on social media and are online looking for opportunities.  We go to shows to network and stay after our own shows to meet everyone we can and make our own connections.  We also have a great manager so we have constant guidance on what we need to be done/working on.

SM: Is there any song that stands out on this record you are particularly excited to play live?

CCE: It depends on whom you ask in the band but we really enjoy playing our cover of Alice Cooper’s “Feed my Frankenstein.”  As far as original songs “Playing With Fire,” is a band favorite.

SM: You’re thinking about going to Europe to tour, where is that in the works?

CCE: As with everything in the music business its a wait and see kind of thing.  I don’t want to say for sure until we have everything locked in and planned.  I will say this though, the European market is HUGE for rock music and we already have some great fans over there.  Its not so much IF we will tour in Europe, but WHEN.

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