Pentimento – ‘Inside The Sea’ – Album Review


The latest resurgence of emotive music within the punk and alternative scenes finds a shining example in the latest effort from Buffalo, NY punk rockers, Pentimento. Short and sweet, Inside the Sea is the angstier continuation of their self-titled, sure satisfy the Pentimento craving fans had since the final note rang out for “On Summer.” With poignant and heartfelt lyrics, the EP feels like Brand New’s Your Favorite Weapon with a deeper flair for harmonics.

Opening with crashing symbols and chords that seem to ring for days, “Not So Young” is an introspective look at our own shortcomings and will hit home for many listeners. We slow down with “Just Friends” and continue on the up-down, paced strumming that will keep you nodding along. Picking back up with a strong bass line, “Any Minute Now,” strikes as the album favorite and hints at a subtle optimism underneath it all, musically and lyrically. Closing out with “It’s Ok,” the half shouted, melancholic vocals lead the EP to a sudden end and urge many to hit repeat immediately. Some perfectly placed gang and backing vocals along with a steady punk rock beat complete this EP and cap an excellent year for this band on the rise.

Pentimento has seen their share of ups and downs for such a young band. However, Inside the Sea shows their willingness not only to grow as song writers within a short amount of time, but their readiness to keep going in the face of adversity. With their relatable moods and sensibility to create a tight punk sound, their next release is something to be highly anticipated.


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Inside The Sea

Paper + Plastick


Review by Stephanie Roe

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