Future of Forestry to Release the Advent Christmas EP Vol. 3


Future of Forestry’s much anticipated holiday project, ADVENT CHRISTMAS EP VOLUME 3, releases next Tuesday, November 12, digitally through iTunes and Amazon MP3, and physically on the www.futureofforestry.com website.  Continuing with their tradition of creating modern interpretations of timeless Christmas carols and hymns, Vol. 3 successfully blends old with new in a truly unique setting.


The EP features alternative renditions of some of the most classic and revered Christmas songs, including: Silent Night, Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring, Carol of the Bells, O Come All Ye Faithful and Still, Still, Still.  To celebrate the upcoming release, the band will be releasing a free download of O Come All Ye Faithful on Noisetrade today.   The song can be downloaded here.


A video announcement, created by the band, can be viewed here.


I think what makes this album and these songs unique is that they were written so long ago, and so many people have sung them for so long, in so many different ways,” explains Eric Owyoung, the creative mind behind the band. “Future of Forestry’s perception and interpretation of these songs is just one notch in these song’s belt, however because it is my interpretation, they are very special and close to me. The very nature of their generational span makes them unique and timeless.  It was hard at times, though, to communicate the emotion or memory correctly, but I feel like these songs had a lot of success in creating and translating my own journey through them.”


Vol. 3 is designed to be a cohesive piece that merges seamlessly with the EPs that were released in years past. With epic sound, creative interpretation, unique instrumentation and traditional values, this Advent EP, like the ones before it, hopes to honor and enhance this most holy of seasons.


Recorded at Owyoung’s Sound Swan Studio, Owyoung and bandmate Brandon Zedaker recorded with an incredible variety of instruments to create a rock album that captures elements of transcendent, cinematic and orchestral sounds.  To create the project, the band enlisted live violin, viola and cello musicians merging with world-music instrumentation such as hammer dulcimer, harmonium and kalimba.  Even makeshift instruments such as coffee cans, kitchen pots and pans, drinking glasses, children’s toys and an antique music box added to the distinct instrumentation.


Recording any holiday project can be a challenge, choosing which songs, carols and liturgies best fit together stylistically and cohesively. Owyoung explains, “In all reality, the inspiration for this album came from each of the individual songs; each one evokes a different aspect of the Christmas experience to me. There are some key moments throughout the album where I had to interpret these songs so that they could exist in the dynamic and emotional ways I’ve always wanted them to. A characteristic of Future of Forestry is the band’s desire to transcend beyond the limitations of a standard rock band, and this album really explores a space between post-rock, electronic music, and a rich orchestral setting. Since my musical background was birthed out of a classical training, it was so creatively fulfilling to be writing, arranging, and composing with the timbres of an orchestra in mind.”



ADVENT CHRISTMAS EP VOLUME 3 will release November 12, digitally through iTunes, Amazon mp3 and physical copies will be available on www.futureofforestry.com.


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