Evergreen Terrace – ‘Dead Horses’ – Album Review

It’s been four, long-awaited years since we last heard from Evergreen Terrace. Despite the course obstacles of label, line up, and even some genre shapeshifting, Evergreen Terrace has emerged, refreshed and ready with Dead Horses. Gone, but certainly not forgotten, are the heavier days of Wolfbiker but out of the exploratory fires of death metal, the Jacksonville based quintet has come to claim their dwellings within the realm of hardcore. Whilst holding steadfast to their melodic moniker, this Rise Records debut reveals ET’s classically enticing and inescapable punk and metal influence, while auto-tuning keeps the sound current amongst the in-crowd of melodic hardcore. Loyal listeners will immediately sink their teeth into the tasty breakdown spotted in the title track, while the overall trendy and thunderous atmosphere will capture the attention of first timers. From the in-your-face opener of “Crow,” to the reflective and humbled “The Fortunate Ones,” Dead Horses is consistently catchy and overstuffed with the raw energy that feeds directly from their “drunk-off-punk” brand of hardcore. Intelligently retaining a few tried and true tricks from the earlier days, Evergreen Terrace excels at keeping things kosher with the cool kids of today by strategically placing their signature pop culture references throughout the album. Overall a solid listen for any melodic hardcore fan.


Evergreen Terrace

Dead Horses

Rise Records


Review by Ebony Jeanette