Close Your Eyes Release New Video For “Frame And Glass” + Album Review!


Close Your Eyes premiere their new video for “Frame and Glass” off their new album, Line In The Sand,’ check it out!

Line In The Sand Album Review:

It finally felt like Close Your Eyes was getting it together. With about a solid year under their belt without any lineup changes and Brit vocalist Sam Robinson taking the helm at vocals, the Abilene, TX progressive hardcore band seemed poised to finally make a statement with their music. What happened with Line in the Sand, however, is an album that ended up being five songs too long and the same inconsistency that’s been holding them back for three full-lengths.

With Robinson now lending his voice to CYE, the songs have been given a rich depth that are likable and will provide the latest version of the band a new feel that will still bring in fans of their older work. “Days of Youth” and “The End” will keep long time fans happy with speedy guitars and Rise Against-esque shouted/sung vocals. But this bi-polar record then switches directions in an instant with “Kings of John Payne” and “Trends and Phases” to pop punk sticky-sweetness. Fans will be moshing along to “Sleeping Giant” one moment, then have to slow it down to bobbing along for “Frame and Glass,” which can be way more exhausting to follow then actually sticking to a break-neck speed the entire way through. The rest of the album is a blended together mass of songs that are hard to distinguish between and eventually sputter to an end.

The lyrics, at times, are bland, simplistic and stagnant, never moving beyond a repeated line or two and sticking the song in the proverbial mud. Though the band doesn’t label itself officially as Christian, the overwhelming structure of the lyrics can make it difficult at times to look beyond songs’ clear religious messages.  Close Your Eyes has always seems to suffer from an identity crisis and Line in the Sand is no different. The album inharmoniously forces genres together instead of letting them flow, taking the listener on a roller coaster ride from radio friendly pop punk to heavy and unclean hardcore. There is talent behind the songs but nothing to take hold of other than a few pop hooks scattered throughout the record. This is not the album that will make them a household name, but perhaps a stumble that will help get their best work rolling on the next release.


Close Your Eyes

Line in the Sand

Victory Records


Rating: 3/5

Listen to: Sleeping Giant

Review by Stephanie Roe

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