Anthony Green “Young Legs” Review

Anthony Green-Young Legs
by Matthew Leimkuehler

Anthony Green’s latest solo effort, Young Legs, is everything a fan should want and expect from this proprietor of vibrant and borderline psychedelic rock artist.  Young Legs shows all of the facets of Green fans have come to adore; from the opening jam, “Breaker” to the soulful and soothing number, “Too Little, Too Late,” to the beautifully intoxicating closer, “You Have To Believe It Will Happen.” Green is overall more dynamic on Young Legs than he was on previously releases. Each song holds a unique identity, while still being undeniably Anthony Green, making Young Legs a fascinating and engaging listen.  Green, yet again, shows listeners both his elegance and transparency with his third solo LP, making it an overall charming listen.