The Tragic Thrills have bestowed upon us their self-titled debut album, filled with mystical guitar strums and lyrics so poetic it could make a grown man snap his fingers in approval. The quartet has come together recently, and has proven with this album that they’re here to stay. Releasing the album opener “Tears” before the album dropped, forced listeners all around the world to stop what they were doing and give The Tragic Thrills their full attention. It was pretty fabulous planning on the bands part, because once you’ve been drawn into the lovechild of Fun. and young Mumford & Sons that is The Tragic Thrills, there’s no turning back. Lead singer, Zach Porter, seems to draw his emotions from the very depths of his soul and pour them into each and every lyric, gracefully dancing out of the speakers and into the audience’s ears. With lyrics so powerful and thought out, it’s hard to find a song on the album that isn’t relatable to your own life. By relatable, we’re talking about the problems young adults face every day within their own relationships, careers, aspirations, and the unknown of what the future has in store. Each song holds a different story, drawing you in and taking you on a journey into the struggles of young adulthood. This aspect of The Tragic Thrills album greatly varies from the project the band grew from.

At the beginning of the year, Zach (vocals), Cameron (bass), and Michael (drums) made the announcement that former band Allstar Weekend would be on indefinite hiatus and that they’d be moving onto the next step in their musical careers. This next step being The Tragic Thrills, adding longtime friend, Brent, to the new band. The previous music the trio had released differed tremendously from the new sound. Allstar Weekend was best known for their work with Disney Channel, and The Tragic Thrills was not only a way to break away from the title of a “Disney band” but also gave the band members a chance to expand and allow their music to grow with them. Honestly, that move will not go without praise because The Tragic Thrills album is pure gold and definitely worth the three and a half hours it takes to complete the listening process. Enjoy!

Listen to: “Crazy”
Rating: 4/5

The Tragic Thrills
Review by Melissa Cyrus