Album Review: The Swellers – ‘The Light Under Closed Doors’

“Give me something I can finally sink my teeth in.” Those very words taken from “Big Hearts”, a personal favorite off the The Swellers’ latest release, seem to perfectly describe my feelings for this album. This record is a wonderful mix of past albums with a new sound that’s raw and beautiful. As a big fan of lyrics, this record is jam packed with meaningful words and stories that anyone listening can really relate to. Musically, this record is spot on as well. I admit to being a music snob, but from the moment I pushed play I was hooked. ┬áThe Light Under Closed Doors is a perfect album for any new Swellers fans, yet a great addition to the record collection of the original listeners.


The Swellers

The Light Under Closed Doors

No Sleep Records

Review by Christie Gee