65daysofstatic – ‘Wild Light’ – Album Review

65daysofstatic’s fifth album to date, “Wild Light,” transcends listeners into a deep space odyssey, complete with rocketing comets, imploding stars and all that jazz, showcasing the band’s greatly matured progressive rock style of epic guitar instrumentals featuring futuristic electronic elements.

Each track on “Wild Light,” is five to seven minutes of an otherworldly, sci-fi-like ambience, collectively telling a story that opens with steady-paced, ominous electronic keys suggesting imminent disaster, openly stating “There is a lot of danger out there, ok?” in “Heat Death Infinity Splitter”, and concludes with gentler, hopeful rhythms in “Safe Passage”.

Tracks like single “Prisms,” “Black Spots,”  and “Unmake the Wild Light,” prove to be stand outs that balance both high-energy, sporadic drum beats with soft, whimsical melodies that keep the listener in awe, while “The Undertow,” offers  a somber collection of keys and a lulling atmosphere and “Taipei” exudes soaring hope and positivity with frolicking piano keys.

“Wild Light” proves 65daysofstatic has not ceased discovering new elements and methods in story-telling through progressive rock instrumentals.  In their best effort yet, “Wild Light” will allow listeners to lay back, close their eyes, and let the melodies take them light years away.



Wild Light

Review by Jen Schwartz