A Lot Like Birds – ‘No Place’ – Album Review

Their EVR debut is imaginative, euphoric, and thematic from start to finish. The vocal team of Kurt Travis and Cory Lockwood is brilliant whether they’re screaming, yelling, singing, or even spoken word- they play off each other perfectly and truly know how to be emotive. “No Nature” contains a moment of conversation between eerie spoken word and contrasted yelling, leaving the listener on the edge of their seat. Lockwood delivers heartbreaking lyrics perfectly on “No Nurture”.  Drummer, Joe Arrington proves to still be one of most incredible technical drummers on this album, especially in “Recluse”. “Shaking of the Frame” concludes the experience; a fluidly melodic piece that is dominated by Travis’ vocals and ties the album together. This release is not a casual listen so sit back, put in your headphones, close your eyes and give it a focused listen in its entirety.


A Lot Like Birds

No Place

Equal Vision Records


Review by Caroline Jensen