Topshelf Records announced yesterday that they have signed Gainesville, FL post-hardcore quintet Frameworks and will release their debut full-length in 2014.  As previously revealed, the band will head into the studio with Jack Shirley (Deafheaven’s Sunbather) this winter to record the album.  To celebrate working with Topshelf, Frameworks have made their most recent EP, Small Victories, available for free download on their Bandcamp page for the remainder of the week.

Download Small Victories:

“When I started to have a few friends telling me to check out Frameworks, I had high expectations.  Upon listening those expectations were immediately blown apart and exceeded tenfold,” label head Kevin Duquette explains of his decision to work with the band.  “My first experience was their fantastic Small Victories EP which came out earlier in 2013 via 13th Floor Records,” he continues, “Pay particular attention to the seamless transitioning between standout tracks three and four – that’s perhaps where I fell in love with Frameworks.”

The warm feelings between band and label are clearly mutual as Luke Pate, Framework’s singer and guitarist, adds “Topshelf seems to have this sincere interest in the artists they put out – every band is genuinely handpicked.  They have a catalogue of diverse, incredible releases, not focusing on a particular corner of a genre.  It’s truly an honor to work with them.”

Just last week Frameworks released a new track, “Preamble” from their upcoming 4-way split with Kittyhawk, Prawn and Droughts, due out November 25th via Fair Weather Records.   Pitchfork said of the track “in the interest of brevity, “melodic hardcore” is open-ended enough to fit the spirited, Titus Andronicus-style downstrokes and handclaps of the intro and the waltz-time midsection that could kinda accurately be described as “lounge screamo.”


Frameworks plays Gainesville’s The Fest 12 on October 31st at Mars.

Topshelf Records: