The Kevin Devine song that got fans very excited, now with a visual pairing . The music video creates a bold storyline that keeps your eyes on the screen. Kevin Devine plays a tire salesman receiving no business. He has a pregnant wife and is in desperate need of customers, and putting flyers up has proven to be of no help. His daring last ditch effort shows the magnitude of the downward spiral of his future and adds quite a bit of humor. It’s a video not to be missed, as your head will bob to the indie-rock tune while you are fully engulfed in Kevin’s entrepreneurial adventure.



The Brooklyn native started his career with the band Miracle, but after the band broke up, he then went on a solo adventure. This  path led him to an international fan base, and high praise for his early albums. Kevin’s albums Brother’s Blood (2010) and Between the Concrete (2011) charted on Billboards Top 200. He proceeded to release two Billboard-charting albums as a member of Bad Books, a co-venture with Manchester Orchestra.


Kevin’s Kickstarter campaign success allowed him to independently create his seventh and eighth albums that were released simultaneously: Bulldozer, his acoustic album, and Bubblegum, his rock album. The twelve songs of Bubblegum  are intriguing due to their verbose political edge and consideration of social issues. It wouldn’t have been possible without the help of producer, Jesse Lacey, and two members of his touring group, The Goddamn Band. It sure is something unique, making a music video for the song “Bubblegum” an added excitement.


Look out for the new music video,  and don’t forget check out tour dates for his U.S. tour with The Goddamn Band.