Skytown Riot announce their brand new EP ‘Soul Or System,’ check out the trailer below! Make sure you pick up a copy when it drops next month.


“We’re driven by desire and inspired by the greatness of others, but we’re destined to simply find our place within a system. Aren’t we? Maybe there is a balance to be found, but in our experience as artists we are at a constant struggle to find it. Although these ideas are neatly woven into each song on the EP, we also wanted to give listeners a diverse collection of tracks. It opens with a powerhouse waltz, follows with a playful dance-rock song, then a ballad, a cover song, more rock, an epic closer… Despite the diversity there’s an undefinable quality among these songs that just screams Skytown Riot. And we’ve worked for years to figure out how to accomplish this! (It also helps to work with a great producer!) So we’re not just excited to release this EP, we’re finally proud to do it. We don’t expect to change the world. But as we push forward through the struggle we certainly hope to entertain a few people, and maybe through the process we can affect and change each other.” – Van Gallik, vocals/guitar

About Skytown Riot:

The anthemic, alternative-rock band, Skytown Riot, have cultivated an exciting sound ready for epic amphitheater performances, garnering them comparisons from Muse to Coldplay. Showcasing enduring melodies, masterful riffs, pulsating percussive beats, and ethereal key tones, they aim to explore the spectrum of emotion. Having already shared the stage with bands like Filter, Hoobastank, and Halestorm, it’s clear that Skytown Riot is already on their way. The bands most recent single, “Runaway Princess,” has become infectious among video-gaming YouTubers, as a go-to soundtrack for fan-made battleground videos. The fellas are capturing everyone’s attention and these new, near perfect tracks will undoubtedly keep their momentum rolling. More info:

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