Substream Magazine:  SinS did an acoustic run with Anberlin. How does your style translate acoustically? How were you been received by the crowds?

SIS: The arrangements that we came up with for the acoustic set turned out to be darker and more emotive then how we play them full band. It gave us a chance to be freshly creative with songs we have been playing live for a year. People who have seen us full band that came to the acoustic shows said that they liked it just as much, and it gave them a chance to really hear our talents. We added different instruments like a piano and electric cello that gave the set a unique dynamic to what our fans would be used to hearing from us.

SM: You came off the acoustic tour to immediately hit the road with POD and Flyleaf, then have a run of shows with Bullet for My Valentine in the fall. What do you attribute your ability to fit in with all of these very different bands to?

SIS: Our music isn’t necessarily one genre. At the end of the day, its rock, but all of these bands are as well. We have many different influences as musicians and because of that, we are not intimidated by bands that may be heavier or softer or whatever it is. We work our asses off on stage and I think that shows through, no matter who we play with.

SM: Your bio was really captivating. It really harps on the idea that most people consider rock and roll dead. In your opinion, what has happened to it and what is SinS doing to revive real rock music?

SIS: I think so much of it is about the live show, but it’s also about the passion behind everything you do. We are not trying to be anything we aren’t, we will bleed for this, and we won’t stop until we’re dead. Shitty pop music is what murdered rock and roll. The times will change and there is nothing you can do about that. But rock will never die, it just may not be as “popular”. We are trying to change that.
SM: We’ll play devil’s advocate for a second here and say that some might see you guys as just another female fronted rock band from LA. What makes you unique? What do you think draws fans in and keeps them coming out to shows?

As far as I’ve witnessed, anyone who sees us live doesn’t get that impression. There are many “female fronted bands” and also many “male fronted bands”. We are not a stereotype. We don’t want anyone to think, “Oh look at that female singer”. We just want people to look at the band as a whole because we are a unit with a message. We want our fans to feel a part of what we do and have a place to belong at our shows. We have been on the road for a over a year now but every tour we change up our set, whether it’s with the video screens behind us, a new intro, a new setlist, there will always be a new something to keep our fans interested.

SM: Thank you so much for your time. You guys are definitely a band to keep an eye on! Any parting words for our readers?

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By Jameson Ketchum