Have you ever wondered what Carnifex would sound like if they collaborated with Chris Tomlin?  Probably not, but the Inland Empire deathcore band Impending Doom has done it again with yet another album fusing together deathcore and worship music.  Death Will Reign by far features the most mature songwriting to date from the California five piece.  Claiming elements from previous albums, Death Will Reign will solidify an identity within the deathcore scene with songs like “My Own Maker”, “Rip, Tear, Burn” and “My Blood”.

In many aspects the album feels unpolished and gritty, reaching back to the roots of the band’s first album Nailed. Dead. Risen, but with heavy song structure, vocal and instrumental influences of the sophomore album The Serpent Servant.  In the age of digital programming many bands are going the way of generated sampling, but this is not the case with Impending Doom.  Listeners can be assured that they are getting raw musicianship from the new album.  There are no fake drums, no stutter editing, and no generated samples, giving you a throwback vibe catering to Nailed. Dead. Risen, but with the addition of violin, cello and piano parts preformed by real musicians.  Don’t be fooled by the thought of classical instrumentation, Death Will Reign features assertive riffs, filthy breakdowns and squealing pinch harmonics that will make your skin crawl.  Impending Doom delivers a titan of an album with direction, passion and purpose.


Impending Doom

Death Will Reign

Review by Ryan Watson