Confide has once again emerged as yet another band in a slew of recent copycats to reunite, release and album and simply rely on social networking and word of mouth to push their new effort. Drummer Joel Piper seems to have all the hope in the world that going 100% DIY on their new record All is Calm, is the best course of action.

Substream Magazine: You all have different things going on in your careers now so what made you decide to put time into something new with Confide?

Joel Piper: It was actually perfect timing. Because literally the day I decided I personally wanted to do a heavy album just for fun, Tommy from Tragic Hero called Ross, my roommate at the time, and asked him if we would do another record and that we wouldn’t have to tour it. This was about five months before the Kickstarter came into play. Then after about two months of waiting, TH’s financial investors bailed on them. Tommy still wanted us to release the album so he released us from the TH contract which was super kind, because he didn’t want to hold us back at all since we were amped on doing the album for fun.

SM: What was it like getting back in the studio with everyone again?
JP: It was actually very different this time. On Recover we spent four weeks in the same room camped out and wrote four songs. This time we sent each other demos via email and the guys who lived in Cali just came over and we wrote and recorded songs on the spot-just how I do in writing sessions in LA for pop artists. It was a lot of fun. We ended up with like 30 or 40 songs recorded, I can’t remember. And then chose from there which ones to finish and throw all the bells and whistles on.

We had some tracks way out there along the industrial or Linkin park type stuff all the way to Slipknot type music. We were just writing whatever came out of us naturally.

SM: How did it feel to have the pressure off this time around? Did it affect the songwriting?


JP: We actually felt no pressure unlike the last album. It was the first time the whole band actually had control of what we wanted our music to sound like. This is the first Confide album that every member was happy with, which is a great and uncommon feeling with many artists.
SM: Is there any chance that Confide will do some tours or perhaps record more music together? It sounds like this band is a hard thing to completely shut the door on, even as you all do other things.


JP: We will be playing a few CD release dates in southern Cali and maybe places like Vegas and close markets, but that’s pretty much it. Everyone has their own dreams and aspirations and to “half ass” a project would be counter productive to all the other endeavors we are all pursuing. Some of us are pursuing local church ministries, have wives and kids that are now appropriate priorities, running brands, or like me making other types of music perusing a specific universal vision and message I’ve had since day one. I mean, I even stopped touring and singing with my dear friends Of Mice & Men for my vision. Also since we don’t have a van, trailer, play all the time(eliminating practices), and even live in the same cities and state none of the guarantees we have been offered would even cover what it would cost to make the tours happen.
SM: What has been going on in your life that you feel may have contributed to these songs or the album’s overall message?


JP: It’s been a crazy road I’ve been on being involved in the “Top 40s” music and writing machine, including meetings and becoming friends with some of the world’s most powerful and nicest people in music, albums that cost 200,000-500,000$, etc. It’s something I’ve always wanted to be a part of because I want to make music everyone can enjoy. Plus, having recently gotten out of a deal with these Disney guys I was signed to since a week after Confide’s initial break up. It’s been hard being tossed around for two years fighting with people who would try to force me to be one way or another. But through all of this I have grown so much as a writer and producer, constantly working on songs for me or other artists trying to be the best at what I do. My main goal has always been to touch people’s hearts through great songs. And that message and influence seems to be across the board with the band on this album.



SM: Thank you for your time. Is there anything else you?d like to say to our readers?

JP: Thank you to all the fans who helped us make this album happen and Substream for supporting us when other rock magazines wouldn’t give us the time of day (laughs). This was a fun project to be a part of. And I am glad the fans and friends will forever be able to enjoy those songs.

One love.



Purely for the Fans
By Jameson Ketchum