Redbox has allowed us as movie fans to lower our bar substantially. That’s not to say that everything you pay $1.20 for is complete garbage whatsoever. However, every once in awhile a great film goes almost immediately to the box, with very little attention in theaters. Disconnect follows the formula of Crash or The Air I Breathe, intertwining stories of deceit, temptation, lust, depression, bullying, all centered around technological dependency. Taken from recent headlines, this is a cautionary tale for parents who let their kids live on the internet and hopefully an eye-opening story for those of us who can’t even sit through a 30 minute television show with loved ones without checking all of our social networks. Disconnect works on so many levels, reminding us how detached we can become from each other and our real lives. This is a rare and terrific find in Redbox and highly recommended for parents and kids alike.


Starring: Jason Bateman, Jonah Bobo, Hope Davis, Max Thieriot and Alexander Skarsgard

Director: Henry Alex Rubin


Review by Jameson Ketchum