TKK June '13 promo


The Karma Killers‘ recently released a 3-song collection on iTunes, including “Walk My Way,” which is featured in the new Vanessa Hudgens thriller, The Frozen Ground, during the scene where she performs a risque strip tease. The movie was released to select theatres last month. This is the first time that all of The Karma Killers’ previously released tracks can be purchased by fans!

Bands form and bands dismantle. It’s a cycle, which much like a revolving door, never ends. Except every now and then a group of people with the same passion, the same sense of direction, and the same love of music come together to break the cycle. After countless trials and errors in other outfits, Mikey James (Vocals//Guitar), Steve Kopf (Guitar//Vocals), Mango (Bass), and Matthew Fritz (Drums) stepped through the revolving door together and crossed to other side as The Karma Killers.

The undeniable chemistry between the band had them instantaneously getting down to work, but also letting the creative process take them where it may. “The worst thing you can do as a musician is force a song or a feeling. Great ideas are inside everyone, the hardest part is learning to be patient enough to let them come out,” comments Kopf. With that in mind, The Karma Killers scrounged up every penny they could find and left New Jersey to record in Hollywood. During the few months of their west coast adventure, they took to writing and really crafting a genuine sound to offer up. The final product of their efforts wasn’t exactly what the band had hoped it would be. Rather than throwing in the towel, they took it as a lesson to be learned in whom to trust and decided to put forth even more of an effort into their craft upon returning home.

To show for their commitment and continued perseverance, is the band’s single “I’m Okay” and the playful video that accompanies it. A video, that was surprisingly shot through their own efforts by grabbing their instruments and a bottle of wine, and just doing what they do best. The gritty rock sound that The Karma Killers lace with nothing more than honesty, is sure to transcend from these first efforts into forthcoming material. And new sounds aren’t far off, as the band is set to hit the studio with Shep Goodman and Aaron Accetta (Four Year Strong // He Is We // Straylight Run) to begin crafting their next release. All of this is surely just the beginning for The Karma Killers, as they have finally found the perfect elements, in each other and their music, to be a band that stands the test of time.





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