Makari all2 - Version 3


Today, we bring you a brand new music video from Florida’s Makari, for their song, “Keeper.” Be sure to check it out and let us know if you’re digging it like we are!




‘“Keeper” was a mix between a dream I had and something I desperately hoped for, that a person I loved thought of me before they went to bed, maybe even prayed for me, protecting me through the dark. I also thought how I wish we could control dreams so that we could remember and meet and talk to people purposefully in our dreams. I imagined also that maybe I would awake in the dreams of the person I loved, where I would say all the things I wanted to say, and perhaps, hear all the things I wanted to hear. The song is mostly about wishing for a guardian, and that love can be something to cling to in the darkest times.’ – Kevin Beljan, drums