“Oh sure! I made some music I always wanted to make. It was me and Andy, the other singer. By the time we were done we were pretty proud of what we had and wanted to build a band about it. They’re friends we’ve played local shows with for a decade. It was a no brainer. I played in Lets Get It previously. Jake and Katie played in This Love which I know was in Substream a couple times. Jake is a really close friend of mine. I produce a little bit and I record and so I wanted someone would could write and had a songwriting ability. We just wanted to make cool music that was a little bit.”


“I’d like to think that we have one foot in a familiar territory – something you listen to and isn’t out of the ordinary. And on the other hand i think that we’re taking a lot of early 2000’s rock stuff. That was something we were anticipating in the beginning. In the first song I wrote I referenced a few of my favorite similar bands so we’d up front about it in the beginning. You’d be surprised. A lot of people tell us they’ve never heard anything like this. That’s a shame! Its what I’ve grown up on.”


Your members are like an Ohio supergroup between Let’s Get It and This Love. How did you choose the members?


This Love was close friends of ours. I produced all of their stuff. Their stuff was all about having a lot of substance to it and it’s really interesting to us. We feel like lyrically we’re bringing a lot of substance that typically…without it we’d have to pride ourselves on heavy music or live show. We’re taking real experiences that we’ve gone through. mostly negative ones and turned them into positive.


Can you give me an example of that songwriting?


The first song we wrote was “Light Escapes.” It’s one of the more meaningful songs to me personally. Because it’s, you know, i like to leave it open-ended so people can get their own stuff about of it. But it was about the end of my last band and how that was a really tough time for me. i didn’t know what I wanted to do. I’d never rapped before. it literally describes just me not being able to sleep that night and thinking “What do I do now, what is the next step?” Holding onto that hope and getting the courage. That one’s very personal to me.


Katie Cole is an incredible drummer. How does having a female add to the band dynamics on and off stage?


Katie is awesome. She was someone we had known so it wasn’t like – no one was worried about having a girl in the band. It is something we cant help but notice on the band. a lot of girls are really inspired by her and into that. We get a surprising amount of hate for it or people try to say it’s a gimmick or something. I have like a big brother feel over Katie and stand up for her and protect her and stuff. So i take that pretty hard. I don’t know why people disagree…she’s really amazing. I will say that all the bands we have run into think its the coolest thing ever. They’re all out there for the same reasons. They’re gonna see past things like that and realize how cool it is. I think its an opportune time for something like that because right now, everyone’s opening up to new things.


The first time I heard about Dangerkids was through your Youtube countdown video. What was the marketing idea behind that?


I knew that with Dangerkids I wanted it to be very art driven. Not that its super visually artistic, but it was important to us to have the art front and center rather than the members of the band. We didn’t want it to be “Oh the band with the girl drummer or the hypothetical attractive lead singer. In the countdown videos you never actually see our faces. We’re in a few performance and stop motion videos but that theme remains the same. That it’s not about putting the band members front and center, but about putting the art style first. We just felt that was something that could set us apart from other bands. It’s not like we’re less accessible but its not about us. We don’t wanna be big because our singer’s nice, we want to be big for writing music. And that’s tricky.


You guys came out of nowhere and jumped on a tour with Sleeping for Sirens. I saw your set live here in Nashville and everyone loved it. How’d you get on that so fast?


The cool thing about us playing that tour was that most of our cd was finished by that point anyways. But we submitted to our booking agent for that tour. We were able to get our music on at least a list of bands and Sleeping With Sirens CHOSE us to get on that. Turns out they’re amazing people and on that tour they literally brought out bands that they just wanted to tour with. All those bands were friends of theirs that they wanted to tour with and then they reached out that they wanted us to open the tour. We didn’t meet them until the first day of the tour.


You have a new recording coming out. Tell me about it!


Our new album, called Collapse, comes out September 17th. After that, we just have a whole slew of videos and you know how we do. We have a lot of Dangerkids video-esque. Lots of new songs and everything. A fall tour as well.


Any last words? Anything else you’d like our readers to know?


I used to interview for Substream and that’s how I’d always end my interviews as well! I hope everyone gives the music a chance. We’r really flattered. I know what it’s like to do a new thing and be up against it. You’re usually there to see the headliner but they’re watching us to. Please just tell them [Substream readers] that we’re grateful that they’re giving us the chance!




Give me the history of DangerKids

By Rebecca Cicione