OMG Everywhere! is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that began as a dream in the summer of 2011. A few of us music video folks decided we wanted to share what we did with the next generation, so we set out to organize a week-long series of film workshops for kids in Los Angeles. Our goal was to provide students with a unique opportunity to experiment creatively, develop artistically, and learn new skills.

“Cameras Everywhere” comes from the idea that there are really incredible tools (in this case, cameras) all around us these days. What is most important is the sense of curiosity that we approach them with. We believe that looking at the world through the lens of a camera can help expand a person’s worldview, enabling them to begin seeing the universe as a place subject to manipulation by their own imaginations.

For each project, we partner groups of kids with several working directors with the ultimate intention of fostering an open, creative environment. Sure, we teach them the basics of camera operation and how to frame a shot, but they’re the ones who consistently remind us that nothing is impossible when you’ve got a camera and some friends.

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