D&M’S “DIRTY LOVE” Download

New York Music Photographer | Ahron R. Foster

Philadelphia is responsible for many notable names in music, and D & M is likely to be the next to join those ranks with their brand of blues infused alternative pop. It all began in the fall of 2009, when Danny Fornasa and Matt Klahre met on their first day of college and decided to form a band. They dubbed themselves D&M and began mixing their shared love of pop, blues, and rock and roll.  Their moniker was not the most shocking or eccentric on their list, but “D & M” tells the world who they are in the most honest of ways and allows their music to take the focus.


For only being in their early twenties, the duo has talent that expands far beyond their years. Danny Fornasa, as the main songwriter, provides incredibly iconic vocals and warming tones on the acoustic guitar.  His expansive vocal range allows the group to write dynamic songs that keep the listener enticed track after track. Matt Klahre, who shreds lead guitar, returns the group’s modern pop styling to their blues roots. He brings melodic guitar lines and searing blues solos that are normally reserved for seasoned guitar aficionados. D & M draw influences from current

artists such as John Mayer and Fun., and musical icons like The Band and The Beatles, but have cultivated a sound that is all their own.


After extensively touring the Northeast region, the band headed into the studio to record their debut EP. They emerged with “Delwanna” a five-song masterpiece that was released in the summer of 2011. To support the release D & M teamed up with kickstarter.com to fan-fundraise a national summer tour that afforded them the opportunity to play an array of cities from coast to coast. They even graced fans televisions during a special in-studio performance on “Good Morning San Diego”. D & M followed up “Delwanna” in 2012 with the release of another 5 song EP, “Wait For Me”. Recorded in Philadelphia, the band stays true to their roots but expands their sound with help from producer Brandon Bost.

D & M are now ready to deliver a new batch of music to the world, with an upcoming debut full-length release due out later this year and a tour to kick it off. The duo put together a collection of videos with the help of director Miles Mueller, entitled “The LP Series”, showcasing their heartfelt new tunes in stripped down live performance and acoustic settings to give fans a taste of what’s to come. Danny and Matt will be hitting the road again this June for a world tour, bringing their signature sound to venues in New York City, Philadelphia, London, Paris, Cannes, Athens, and Los Angeles.

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