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Oklahoma-based metalcore quintet, 2X4,  are excited for the release of their anticipated second album Dark Hand, which hit shelves today, July 30th!  The follow up to their debut album, Dead Days, already debuted at #34 on the iTunes Metal chart! When asked about what went into creating the new album, vocalist Micah Hutson explained, “Dark Hand to me is totally different then anything we’ve ever put out. We still write heavy music but musically, we had more talent in the writing and recording process with the addition of Eric, Matt, and Jayson. Lyrically, I wanted to write a little differently than I had on Dead Days. To do this, I had to change my entire thought process. During the writing and recording of Dead Days, I had a lot of crap going on in my life that caused me to view and deal with everything with negativity and hate. Things turned around shortly before I began writing. Consequently, Dark Hand is written about is riding your life of hate, making those changes, and how it brings forth more positivity. Dark Hand is my personal story of changing for the better and the struggles that came while making that change.”

Dark Hand, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Josh Schroeder at Random Awesome Studio, delves further into 2X4’s metal roots and is crafted to give something back to all of those who continue to support the band. The EP, like the band, is all about being true to one’s self, “Even if what we play isn’t the most popular thing out right now, we’re going to make the music that we want. We never want to be considered fake.”



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1.     Refined by Fire

2.     Daggers

3.     Entombed

4.     Dark Hand (feat. Jorge Sotomayer)

5.     Nothing Left

6.     Addiction

7.     Struck Down Cast Out *feat. James Mislow


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