Indianapolis pop-rockers, We Are Forever, are pumped to announce that their new full-length effort, To Be Alive’, will be released this September 3rd. Fresh off their Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands win and Warped Tour 2013 appearance, the fellas shot a short announcement video for fans with all the details and thanks for their unwavering support. Check it out here:


We Are Forever will be premiering the albums lead single “Everything You Are” on Monday, July 29th exclusively on ArtistDIRECT. Stay tuned for updates from the band:


‘To Be Alive’ Track Listing:

  1. The Bottom Line
  2. Half Awake
  3. Everything You Are
  4. Fighting For You
  5. To Be Alive
  6. Goodbye My Hero
  7. Generation
  8. Say My Name
  9. Forget The Sun (ft. Shannon Barry)
  10. Be Heard

About We Are Forever:

Music is one of the few things that has the ability to withstand the test of time. Far after a band has grown into a new sound, moved onto a new path in life, or are no longer here to create their music continues to impact listeners. Indianapolis pop rockers, We Are Forever, have set out to leave their mark on the world for years to come with their creations.


The initial formation of the band is the classic tale of all five members meeting whilst in the pangs of high school. Through a variety of encounters in shared classes, previous bands, and neighborhood run-ins Aren Andersen (vocals), Alex Nauth (bass // vocals), Ricky Ayala (rhythm guitar // vocals), Chris Cain (lead guitar), and Alex “Peewee” Ayala (drums) came together to form We Are Forever in 2010. The path to music began far before meeting each other for each of the boys; as their childhood experiences all drew them in to a path of creativity. Ricky and Chris found a mutual love for guitar through playing Guitar Hero together, and decided to take it one step further by picking up the real thing in order to learn how to play their rock idols’ songs for real. Peewee was introduced to drums whilst visiting a friend, and it was percussion love at first play. Alex was able to channel his talent for sports into music, when he was forced to stop competing due to a heart condition; his grandfather opened the door by purchasing a guitar for him, and he later picked up the bass for We Are Forever. Aren grew up with his mother as a professional opera singer and a vocal coach, but the desire to sing himself took off when a few years after joining the Indianapolis Children’s Choir. Each member started off on a different path, but ultimately it was their love for musical expression that brought them together.

It was in 2011 that We Are Forever began to seriously embark on their mission to leave their mark on music. They released their first demo and began to play local shows alongside other Indiana based bands and national acts. The band really hit the ground running in 2012, with the release of their first full-length, Seasons, and countless tours across the mid-west and south. They also entered the studio at Threshold Studios to lay down their cover of “Lights” by Ellie Goulding. Their rendition of Goulding’s song roped in over 40,000 views on YouTube in the matter of four months. The band also snagged the winning spot in a competition by director, Adam Shewmaker, which allowed them to film a music video for their song, “Take My Hand”. This has all proved to be a huge population for We Are Forever, and has kept the momentum around the band as they write and record. The band entered Threshold Studios again, and will soon be releasing their second full-length. This may all only seem like the beginning for We Are Forever, but they are hoping that even these first efforts will be listened to as time passes on.