Here’s a sampling of what the press has been saying…

“Her VOICE. Jillette can sing and she’s not afraid to let everyone know about it.”

–      Nylon Magazine


“…she’s the best of what Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, and Adele have to offer. Melancholy and powerful, poetic and whimsical, her voice is a powerhouse.”

–      The Daily Front Row


“With a voice like Adele and a songwriting style akin to Fiona Apple, it’s easy to see why Jillette Johnson has so many people excited.”

–      Baeble Music in the “10 Bonnaroo Bands You Won’t Want to Miss (Friday)” – Jillette listed as #1


“The album, which is out June 25 via Wind-up Records, focuses on Johnson’s skill as a pianist, each track using the instrument as a foundation for the musician’s surging pop melodies.”

–       ELLE Magazine


“We love newbie singer Jillette Johnson…Our latest obsession is playing at Bonnaroo!”

–       Cosmopolitan


“Water In A Whale is what a debut album is supposed to be. Jillette is not afraid to pour herself into each and every lyric and melody, she uses her ability to convey emotion and personality through song to her advantage. She has something that many of todays artists lack, personality and the ability to present her art in a theatrical manner.”

–      The SKINNYC – 4 Out Of 5 Star Review


“The world had better be prepared for this vocal powerhouse. Johnson’s songs are sure to be the soundtrack to a lot of lives. Hurry and grab your copy of this incredible debut, you won’t regret it. Water in a Whale is a must-have album for 2013!”

–      Lemonade Magazine – 4½ Out Of 5 Star Review


“At the center of each track are Johnson’s majestic vocals and piano.”

–      MySpace