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The Cincinnati, OH pop-rock powerhouse, BoyMeetsWorld, is exclusively premiering their music video, “Right Where We Belong” with Substream Music Press. The video features band members engaging in hilarious skits surrounding a pool party and showcases the band’s dynamic energetic side. “We wanted to include all of our friends in the making of this in hopes we can all look back and remember how much of a blast it was to film. We hope new fans see this video and want to be apart of this band and the journey we have ahead of us.”

“Right Where We Belong,” track was the perfect choice for BoyMeetsWorld because it’s a summer anthem and they wanted to “show off our personalities and just kick back and have a blast.” The five-piece filmed the music video with the production company, High Def Visuals based out of Cincinnati.

About BoyMeetsWorld:

Forget the 90’s coming of age television sitcom that comes to mind with the name, BoyMeetsWorld. BoyMeetsWorld, the band, is here to erase those thoughts and show you that drive and belief in your self is everything you need to succeed.

This musical powerhouse tackles the obstacles of growing up, setting sights on your future and having a little fun while doing so.

Vocalist Craig Sulken sums their message best, “We find inspiration knowing that we have a chance to help somebody better their life through our music and band.”

Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, it’s their ties to their home and each other that have helped turn a dream into a reality.

Bound together by brotherhood, twins Craig and Ryan Sulken, and older bro Brad Sulken were born with the musical itch to become rockstars at a young age. Playing a variety of instruments in their early years and experiencing the rush of being onstage was enough to hook them for life. After pursing separate careers in other bands, they knew they were stronger together than apart.

They eventually found themselves joint as brothers and bandmates. Adding in Pat Bryant and Drew Richter on guitar, BoyMeetsWorld was solidified.

Pulling sounds from pop-rock and pop-punk, BMW is the perfect blend of hooks, melodies and soaring guitars that will suite any listener. Their rally chants, soft and heavy breakdowns make for a satisfying mix that can’t help but draw you in. It’s not hard to see the musical strides they’ve made and their rapidly growing fan-base is taking notice.

The five-piece has been on the fast track since their formation. BMW formed in the summer of 2012, and in the short half of a year as a band, won first place at their local Battle of the Bands, booked and played a number of out of town shows, and recently released their debut EP, “Do What’s Best For You” out now. (

Within 24 hours, the band dropped their first EP, played a huge hometown release show and appeared on their local FOX news program, were interviewed and performed acoustically.

They’ve already taken their local scene by storm and have many notable shows under their belt like sharing the stage with The Ready Set and Fireworks. BoyMeetsWorld needs to be on your radar for 2013.


  1. I hate seeing the same washed up shit coming out of Cincinnati. There has to be bands that don’t suck from there.

  2. Nice video and catchy song.

    Everybody lighten up. It was explained at the beginning of the article what their music was. You obviously came here with preconceived notions about the genre. Don’t like it? How about some constructive criticism instead of going the easy way and bashing with no substance in your comments.

    Keep going, improving, and making music you’re passionate about, BMW.

  3. I was told at the beginning of the article that they’re a pop rock powerhouse. This hardly counts as over saturated radio rock. Like I said, the filming was fine. In fact, whoever did the video should get a pat on the back. However unoriginal music with unoriginal lyrics on an unoriginal video shouldn’t be praised, even if they bought a bunch of underaged kids beer to be in their video.

    You want constructive criticism? Come up with your own sound and lyrics that actually mean something, not just a filter over all the same shit we’ve been listening to for years.

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