citizen youth

Citizen combined raw instrumentals with haunting lyrics to create the gritty, dark, incredible album that is Youth. On their debut full-length, Citizen builds upon the sound they established on their EPs and makes it even more unique. Youth distinguishes Citizen from their other Run For Cover label mates, mostly from the cohesiveness of the album. It takes real craft to match the feelings behind the lyrics of a song to the tone and melody of the instrumentals, and that is what Citizen excels at. Songs like “Speaking With a Ghost” and “Roam the Room” are examples of this. Matt Kerekes vocals are outstanding and chilling, especially on “The Night I Drove Alone” and “The Summer”. With the deliberate emotional intensity and skilled musicianship, this album embodies qualities comparable to previous releases by Brand New. All in all, Youth is an outstanding debut album, and you can bet that Citizen will be gaining some extreme momentum while backing this record.



Review by Amanda Burd