Rescue & Restore is August Burns Red’s most dynamic album to date. But this comes off as an odd statement, as, instrumentally, the record is most reminiscent of Thrillseeker than any of their other releases. Raw, domineering instrumentation meets an experimental, albeit honest edginess in tracks like “Spirit Breaker,” where vocalist Jake Luhrs toys with spoken word verses. Other songs demonstrate the band’s ability to incorporate different genres and instruments into their metalcore formula. “Creative Captivity”’s horn outro caps off its heart-filled lyrics and chunky breakdowns, and the aggressive guitars of “Treatment” are offset by a succulent strings section. August Burns Red’s sixth studio album finds the metal giants at the top of their game. It’s not only the band’s most potent release, but it’s also their most musically and lyrically inspired, and in the overplayed genre of metalcore, this comes as quite a relief.

August Burns Red

Rescue & Restore

SolidState Records

Review by Tim Dodderidge