Solid State Records are pleased to welcome their newest signing – adventurous Idaho rockers THE ONGOING CONCEPT, whose debut full-length, Saloon, is set to drop August 20th.

“Signing with Solid State was the most unexpected thing to happen to our band,” explains guitarist and vocalist Dawson Scholz. “I woke up one morning and saw their inquiry and pretty much freaked out. We all grew up listening to most of the bands on their roster and to have them interested in us almost seemed too good to be true. They have always had the ‘future’ in mind rather than ‘the now’ with their bands. It’s humbling to be a part of it all!”

Considering the label’s well deserved reputation as the home to some of the biggest names in metalcore – one would be forgiven for assuming that THE ONGOING CONCEPT have a vested interested in preserving the traditions of that genre, or any genre for that matter. But nothing could be further from the truth.

To underscore that point, the band is releasing a video for “Cover Girl,” giving the world a first taste of Saloon. The track displays a perfect example of THE ONGOING CONCEPT’s roadmap, including the artful marriage of explosive ferocity and non-genre-traditional instrumentation – in this case, banjo and handclaps.

Watch “Cover Girl”


In addition, the band has signed a management deal with The Artery Foundation and will be booked by The Agency Group, rounding out a compelling a team around the unique quartet.

Representative of the band’s fierce DIY roots that have helped attract so much attention, THE ONGOING CONCEPT is currently taking its live show directly to kids by performing each day in the parking lot before Warped Tour from now until mid July.

Adding to the band’s compelling story is the fact that THE ONGOING CONCEPT is comprised of three brothers and a lifelong friend they consider a fourth. When discussing influences, this literal band of brothers are just as quick to mention artists like TOTO, YANNI and BRUCE HORNSBY as influences as they are genre giants UNDEROATH, BRING ME THE HORIZON and AUGUST BURNS RED.

From moment one, it’s clear THE ONGOING CONCEPT are zeroing in on a refined, artistically driven sound. But listeners can forget about this band coloring inside the metalcore lines. In fact, they can forget about the lines altogether.