The Boston pop trio, Call Me Anything, notorious for east coast hits like “Celebrity” and “Lets Talk” have announced a brand new album set for release in the Fall 2013. Will Tenney, Matt Mcnulty, and Dylan Ronan worked with well respected producer, Christian Medice in Brooklyn, NY. Mcnulty had this to say about the band’s experiences in the studio:


We’ve been so fortunate with our modest success to be able to work with such awesome writers and producers. Every time we’re in the studio, there’s no saying who we’re going to see walking out before us, whether it be Hot Chelle Rae, or various other Top 40 artists. We feel very lucky. Life is good.”


To give fans an inside look at the new album, Call Me Anything has released an exclusive behind the scenes look in the studio. The update video includes a new song clip, personal interviews with Matt and Will, and a sneak peek into the recording process. Check out the video below.


The band is eager for this release, which will show fans their versatility with a sound unlike anything they’ve produced in the past. Tenney had this to say about the songs on the upcoming album:


“Don’t get me wrong, it’s still pop but the new music is much more universal. With “Celebrity” we had a very targeted demographic, and in turn, a very targeted audience heard it. With this one, we’re expanding to a much wider set of listeners. Instead of having a record that only your younger sister might listen to, we made a record that everyone might like driving in the car. It’s gonna kill it. I’m beyond stoked.”


The already thriving band is looking forward to this fall release and the chance to continue touring and promoting their music in the coming months.


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