Interview by: Stephanie Roe

Ready for a hot summer, The Amity Affliction are headed out with Substream for the best music tour of the season. Making their Warped debut, the Australian natives are excited to explore North America and party in the pit with their fans. We sat down for an interview with lead singer Joel Birch to talk about the tour and how they plan on keeping cool on the road.


Substream: How’s Warped Tour been so far?

Joel Birch: It’s been really good. Everyone told us it was going to be super hot, but we haven’t quite experienced that yet. So far it’s been really positive and fun.

S: Your drummer, Ryan, had to drop off Warped in Portland when a piece of his drumstick struck him in the eye. How’s he doing?

JB: He’s doing fine. He couldn’t risk getting an infection in his eye or he would run the risk of losing eyesight. He can’t be on the bus because it’s kind of filthy (laughs.) And he can’t get sweat in it so he’s back in Australia now.

S: This is the first time you’ve been on Warped Tour. What’s been the best thing about it so far?

JB: I don’t know, I guess I like the whole thing (laughs.) I guess seeing old friends like letlive., Like Moths [To Flames] and Architects. It’s just good hanging out with them again.

S: Is there anything you’re looking forward to about Warped?

JB: Not really. The shows are really what I look forward to everyday.

S: The summer heat can get pretty brutal on Warped. You guys are in for the long haul, attempting the full run this year. Think you and your band mates are ready for it?

JB: Where I’m from it gets to about 40 degrees [Celsius] which is about 110 [Fahrenheit] over here. We’re not too far out of our regular comfort zone. But doing shows in the middle of the day will be very difficult.

S: What’s your one trick for staying cool while you’re on tour?

JB: Pouring water all over my head (laughs.) It kinda helps, just adding more to the sweat. We’ve got a bus this year, so that helps too.

S: Are there any places that you’re hitting up on Warped that you haven’t before?

JB: To be honest, I don’t know the routing, so we’re taking it one day at a time. But I really liked seeing Ventura the other day. We had never been there. It’s just good seeing new places, this is a great country.

S: Before you went on tour, The Amity Affliction released a music video for “Open Letter.” Would you say The Amity Affliction always parties as hard as they do in that video?

JB: We do. Except, I hate that film clip. We didn’t want to put it out, but we had to come to a compromise of sorts. They basically took an idea of ours that we all enjoyed and they swooped in and did their own version. Basically, we rocked out the verse for the shoot and they added the pillow fighting girls and we were like “That’s not us.” We definitely don’t have pillow fighting girls hanging out (laughs.) Hopefully the next one is us just hanging out, which is more true to form.

S: Chasing Ghosts was recently certified Gold in Australia.  It also debuted at #1 on the Australian ARIA Chart, marking the first time a local hardcore band had taken the #1 honor. What does that mean for you and your band?

JB: It means that we got really excited for about five minutes. It’s cool and it’s an honor, but the music is a lot more important than that. We plan on to keep doing what we’ve been doing for almost ten years now.

S: Do you have any plans lined up after Warped Tour?

JB: We’re going home for about three weeks. Then we’re off to Europe and then we’re doing an Australian tour, then we’re heading back to America. And then we’re recording our new album. We haven’t really relaxed this past year at all.

S: It certainly shows through all the success you’ve had! Thanks for your time Joel, see you later out there.

JB: Will do. Thank you.


Make sure to check out both The Amity Affliction and Substream on Warped Tour all summer!





Jun 27                   Vans Warped Tour               Phoenix, AZ

Jun 28                   Vans Warped Tour               Las Vegas, NV

Jun 29                   Vans Warped Tour               Salt Lake City, UT

Jun 30                   Vans Warped Tour               Denver, CO

Jul 03                     Vans Warped Tour               Noblesville, IN

Jul 05                     Vans Warped Tour               Toronto, Canada

Jul 06                     Vans Warped Tour              Darien Center, NY

Jul 07                     Vans Warped Tour               Holmdel, NJ

Jul 09                     Vans Warped Tour               Virginia Beach, VA

Jul 10                     Vans Warped Tour               Columbia, MD

Jul 11                     Vans Warped Tour               Boston, MA

Jul 12                     Vans Warped Tour               Camden, NJ

Jul 13                     Vans Warped Tour               New York, NY

Jul 14                     Vans Warped Tour               Hartford, CT

Jul 16                     Vans Warped Tour               Scranton, PA

Jul 17                     Vans Warped Tour               Burgettstown, PA

Jul 18                     Vans Warped Tour               Cleveland, OH

Jul 19                     Vans Warped Tour               Detroit, MI

Jul 20                     Vans Warped Tour               Chicago, IL

Jul 21                     Vans Warped Tour               Minneapolis, MN

Jul 23                     Vans Warped Tour               Kansas City, KS

Jul 24                     Vans Warped Tour               St Louis, MO

Jul 25                     Vans Warped Tour               Atlanta, GA

Jul 26                     Vans Warped Tour               Tampa, FL

Jul 27                     Vans Warped Tour               West Palm Beach, FL

Jul 28                     Vans Warped Tour               Orlando, FL

Jul 29                     Vans Warped Tour               Charlotte, NC

Jul 30                    Vans Warped Tour               Cincinnati, OH

Jul 31                     Vans Warped Tour               Milwaukee, WI

Aug 02                  Vans Warped Tour               Dallas, TX

Aug 03                  Vans Warped Tour               San Antonio, TX

Aug 04                  Vans Warped Tour               Houston, TX



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